The Crew

maya mckechneay DirectorMaya McKechneay

born in Munich in 1974, studied German and Film Theory in Vienna. From 1999 she wrote movie reviews full-time, among other things for FALTER and and also lectured and worked as a film educator. »House Of Atonement« is her first feature film as a director.

oliver neumann Producer, Dramaturgy, Editing Oliver Neumann

has a background in editing and edited over 30 feature films before starting to produce. He has also worked as a graphic and motion designer. The network of contacts in europe built during his first career was a solid basis , when FreibeuterFilm was established. He has participated in the Rotterdam Lab, is a member of both EAVE and ACE, and member of the European and Austrian Film Academy.

sabine moser Producer Sabine Moser

received her MA in Comparative Literature. Since 2002 she has worked in the film industry as a freelancer on several renowned Austrian film productions, before joining FreibeuterFilm 2008 as a producer / production manager. She is a member of the European and Austrian Film Academy.

martin putz Cinematography Martin Putz

Martin Putz, born 1967 in Vienna. Freelance Cinematographer since 1997. Initially for experimental film and fine art productions. Since 2008 mainly focused on documentary film.

Stefan Rosensprung Sound Design & Sound Editing Stefan Rosensprung

michaela mandel Animation Michaela Mandel

was born in Salzburg, Austria. She studied fine art and cultural studies at the Art University in Linz, Austria and at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Michaela is based in Vienna and works as a director of experimental- and animation films, she is also known for her work as a set and costume designer for theater- and film productions. Michaela Mandel's scenic designs were shown in several opera and theater houses throughout europe. Her awarded short movies were viewed at numerous international Festivals. Since a few years her artistic animations are also integral parts of austrian art house movies. .

Sound Stefan Rosensprung
Claus Benischke-Lang
David Almeida Ribeiro
Norbert Bichler
Director, District Museum, City Center Kurt Kospach
Contemporary witness, family history Nóra Fleckl
Director, Fire Department Archiv Heinrich Krenn
Geomancer Christoph Oberhuber
Historian & Professor at the Tufts University and the Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute Diane O'Donoghue
Tour Guide - Hedwig Abraham
Institute Of Fire Protection, Linz Klaus Moser
Helmut Peherstorfer
Former Sühnhaus Resident Ulrich Thinius
Police Sociologist Reinhard Kreissl