Press Reviews

Kurier 18.12.2016

»The new film, ›House of Atonement‹, records the tragic events and the history of the building that was constructed on the property afterwards«

– Hans Langsteiner

Evolver 15.12.2016

»An Austrian documentary is revealed as the surprise of the year. It is a very long time since local history has been presented in such a gripping, surprising and witty (!) manner.«

– Georg Markus

ORF Science 8.12.2016

»Sigmund Freud will always be associated with his home at Berggasse 19. But the foundation of psychoanalysis was established at another address, at Schottenring 7 – an address characterized by misfortune, suicide and a large number of deaths.«

– Lukas Wieselberg 6.12.2016

»In her essay-style documentary film Maya McKechneay examines the story behind the Ring Theatre fire of 1881 – and in the process discovers not only the spirits of the people who died in the fire but also a piece of Vienna's spiritual history.«

– Bert Rebhandl

Tiroler Tageszeitung Online 2.12.2016

»In ›House of Atonement‹, her first film, Maya McKechneay – who was born in Munich but lives in Vienna – illuminates the background of the tragedy and, as she explained in an APA interview, pulls back the comfort blanket that was quickly spread over the events." «

– Gerald Mackinger/APA

»Radio Free Europa,« 5.11.2016

» ›House of Atonement‹ is a perfect example of a Fortian investigation (à la Charles Fort), though Maya McKechneay does not only narrate a mystical tale of fire and death but also reveals Austria as a country where the 1948 Revolution has been forgotten, the Empire is too revered and Freud is insufficiently honored.«

ORF, 24.10.2016

»Precise and elegant«

– Alexander Musik

»Der Kurier«, 24.10.2016

kurier suehnhaus ein film von maya mckechneay
»… The victims are provided with a moving memorial by Maya McKechneay, a film critic born in Munich who lives in Vienna, in her fine, first full-length documentary: ›House of Atonement‹ is the name she gives to this delicate work of memory, which reveals controversial layers of Vienna's local history…«

– Alexandra Seibel

»ViennaleStandard«, 25.10.2016

viennalestandard suehnhaus ein film von maya mckechneay
»A shrewd debut: the story has left traces – if someone is willing and able to read them.«

– Margarete Affenzeller